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Restoring the American Chestnut Tree

April 1, 2019, 1:00pm to 3:00pm - Peggy Bancroft Hall

John Wenderoth, past president of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation, will present an interesting program on the American Chestnut Tree covering the cause of the tree’s demise and plans for restoration.  The America Chestnut Tree is an iconic species, and it’s loss in our eastern forests in the past century is considered by many to be the greatest ecological disaster in recent history.  The mission of The American Chestnut Foundation is to restore the American Chestnut to a level of ecological and economic significance by the next century.

John studied forestry at Penn State, graduating in 1963.  He volunteered for the Peace Corps, serving in Nepal, and worked for several USDA agencies.

Light refreshments will follow the presentation.  All Greene-Dreher Historical Society programs are free and open to the public.