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Honor Roll of Greene-Dreher Veterans in World War I


Honoring Greene-Dreher Veterans Who Served During World War I, 1917–1918

The World War I Exhibition at Peggy Bancroft Hall commemorates America’s participation in 1917 and 1918 and honors the men and women from Greene and Dreher Townships who served during the war. The following list includes all those WWI veterans from our area who have been documented to date. We thank the many families and descendants who provided information, photographs and memorabilia about these veterans. To learn more about the GDHS Veterans History Project or to participate, click here.

CPL Russell G. Barnes, Army
PFC Lawrence Barnes, Army
PFC Sidney Bartleson, Army
PVT Clarence Beehler. Army
CPL William F. Beehler, Army
PFC Herman L. Benner, Army
PFC Clarence E. Bennett, Navy
PO3 Thomas F. Benson, Navy
PVT Harry J. Bertrand, Army
PVT Thomas R. Bertrand, Army
PFC Earl C. Bird, Army
PFC Rudolph Blitz, Sr, Army
PFC Charles F. Bloss, Army
PVT George A. Bloss, Army
PVT Jonas E. Bloss, Army
2LT Helen Bortree, Army Nurse Corps
1LT Henry G. Botjer, Army
CPL Russell R. Brink, Army
CPL Harold Buchter, Army***
PVT Oscar E. Burrus, Army
PVT Edward A. Butler, Army
PVT Henry C. Butler, Army
PVT William J. Carey, Army
SGT Charles A. Carlin, Army
Charles W. Carlton, AEF, YMCA Sec’y
PFC Ernest E. Carlton, Army
PFC James Carlton, Army
PFC John A. Carlton, Army
PFC LeRoy B. Carlton, Army
PVT Leslie B. Carlton, Army
PVT Milton D. Carlton, Army
PFC Myron C. Carlton, Army
CPL Royal G. Carlton, Army
SGT Benjamin W. Carr, Army
Mae E. Carter, American Red Cross Nurse****
SGT Samuel R. Christ, Army
1LT Robert A. Christman, Army
PFC Louis H. Cobb, Army
PVT Ernest Cron, Army
PVT James P. Cron, Army
PVT Oscar Cronn, Army
CPO James Cummings, Navy
1SG Albert W. DeFrehn, Army
PFC Leonard M. DeGroat, Army
CPL John Denig, Army
PFC Charles L. Dunning, Army
PVT Charles E. Ehrhardt, Army
PFC Roger G. Fahringer, Army
CPL Fred W. Faux, Army
PFC James Feeley, Army
CPL Ray C. Friebele, Army
SGT Homer R. Frisbie, Army
MU3 Harold Gilbert, Army Musician
2LT Allen E. Gilpin, Army
CPT Friend B. Gilpin, Army
SGT George W. Gilpin, Army
PVT Leo C. Gilpin, Army
PFC Roscoe A. Gilpin, Army
PVT Lawrence Graser, Army
SGT Charles H. Grimm, Army
PVT Harry L. Grimm, Army
PVT John C. Grimm, Army
PVT William B. Grimm, Army
1SG Friend Haag, Army***
PVT Roy R. Haag, Army
2LT Richard Harlow, Army
SGT Russell B. Hause, Army
Lila L. Heberling, Army Nurse Corps
PVT John F. Heisner, Army
SGT Ralph M. Hendricks, Army
SN2 Class Allen C. Hover, Navy
PVT Gilbert S. Hover, Army
CPL Reginald Hover, Army
PO1 Rexford D. Hover, Navy
SN2 Class Stanley J. Hover, Navy
1SG Albert H. Irion, Army
GySgt Joseph Jacobs, Marine Corps
PFC Ralph Kerr, Army
CPL Walter R. Kirby, Army
CPL John A. Knoll, Army
PVT William F. Knoll, Army
PVT Leon W. Lamm, Army
CPL Oscar C. Lange, Army
PVT Robert E. Lee, Army
2LT Arthur E. Mack, Army
PVT Leo F. Madden, Army
Ida E. Marsch, American Red Cross Nurse
PFC William Marsch, Army*
PFC Harvey D. Martin, Army
PVT Vernor A. Martin, Army
PVT Ralph Miller, Army*
PFC Vaughan Miller, Army
PVT Clinton E. Morse, Army
RSM Clifford Moyer, Army
PFC James T. Musgrave, Army
PFC Chester Nantz, Army
PO3 Russell W. Osborn, Navy
PVT Oliver B. Osborne, Army
SGT Edward S. Parsons, Sr., Army
PVT James Phillips, Army
PVT John B. Phillips, Army
1SG Oliver W. Phillips, Army
PVT Charles H. Polley, Army
PVT Clifford A. Price, Army
PVT Herman A. Rake, Army
PFC Lewis E. Rake, Army
PVT Harry Reichel, Army
PFC George C. Robacker, Army
CPL George A. Rogers, Army
PVT Clarence F. Sebring, Army
PO2 Stewart Shaffer, Navy
SGT Arthur C. Sheerer, Army
CPL Wilmer Sheerer, Army
PFC Lawrence Sieg, Army
PFC Omer M. Simpson, Army
PFC Florenze C. Singer, Army
CPL Benjamin Smith, Army Musician
PFC James Stone, Army
PO2 Berten S. Taffinger, Navy
PFC Frank R. Teeter, Army
SGT Frederick VanBenschoten, Army
PVT George J. VanBuskirk, Army
PVT Lewis A. VanBuskirk, Army
PVT Oliver W. VanBuskirk, Army****
PFC John J. Velkline, Army**
PVT John F. Voeste, Army
PFC John C. Walter, Army
PVT Charles S. Weitzel, Army
CPL Arthur L. Wesser, Army
PVT Grant Wilson, Army
PVT Robert Wilson, Army
PFC Ernest E. Wolff, Army*
PO2 Marvin F. Woltjen, Navy
CPL Vernon B. Yeich, Army
PO1 Jacob Zacharias, Navy
PFC Myron N. Ziegler, Army

* Killed in Action
** Died of Wounds
*** Prisoner of War
**** Died of Spanish Influenza