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Open House

The Greene Hills of Home, Summer 2019


The featured article, “Frances Wreski—Keeper of Family Traditions” presents Fran’s oral history, recorded at her home at Angels Corners in 2018. Fran spoke of her family roots in Jericho where her grandparents settled and her parents grew up, and of her husband, Stanley Wreski, who served in the Pacific during World War II.

Another article tells to story of John Nicholas Walter, a glassmaker with the Crystal Company of Saint-Louis in France, who emigrated to America in 1842 and established a glass house in Brooklyn. He later settled in Roemerville where he manufactured Walter’s Infallible Salve. The recipes for both his famous yellow glass, coveted by Louis Tiffany, and his infallible salve remain in the hands of his great-great-grandchildren, who authored the article.