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The Greene Hills of Home, Summer 2020


The featured article, “My Early Remembrances of Promised Land and the Bus Trip to School” by Barry Kistler relates how his family ended up in Promised Land and shares a little of the history of the village, as seen through the windows of his school bus ride to Greene-Dreher School in Newfoundland in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Another article, “Hahn’s Western Auto,” tells the story of the Western Auto Store in Newfoundland when it was owned by Adam and Florence Hahn in the 1940s, and how Adam’s hobby of carving miniatures led to his amazing panoramic display, Mountainside America, on the store’s second floor. Mountainside America was the precursor of America Wonderland in Lancaster County.

A third article by Bernadine Lennon describes the many ways in which the school in Newfoundland adapted and supported the war effort during World War II, including implementing a wartime curriculum.