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Carla Smith

Carla Smith is a life-long resident of Newfoundland and has been a member of the Society since 2011, where she served as Vice President and currently serves as President. She is Chair of the Fundraising Committee and a member of the Genealogy and Cemeteries Committee and the Collections Committee. Carla leads genealogy workshops that are free and open to the public, and assists with the Property Inventory Project, an ongoing effort to document the area’s historic homes and churches. As a member of the Collections Committee, she manages the records pertaining to local schools. Carla is the Society’s liaison with the Greene-Dreher Alumni Association, founded in 1915, where she is the recording secretary and past president. She coordinates our “Welcome Home” activities during GDAA’s annual Alumni Reunion weekend.

“I am a fifth generation resident of Greene Township, but my interest in genealogy and local history really peaked when I moved back into my childhood home. As a GDHS Board member I am able to help preserve this history for future generations of all families.”  —Carla Smith


Ruth Altemier

Ruth Altemier resides in Greentown and has served on the Board since 2005, where she served as President and currently serves as Vice President. Ruth is Chair of the Genealogy & Cemeteries Committee and Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee. She coordinates of the Property Inventory Project, the Adopt-A-Cemetery Program and the annual Cemetery Tour. She is the author of a book on local cemeteries and has written articles on early settlers for the Society’s quarterly newsletter, Echoes from the Greene Hills.

“I believe in the saying ‘You won’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.’ I find genealogy fascinating. It has led me to the preservation of the cemeteries, to honor those who led the way to where we are today. The world moves so fast that it is easy to not look around and appreciate our world. I feel the work that our GDHS members do is preserving the past for the future.” — Ruth Altemier


Linda Kramer

Linda Kramer lives in Greentown and has served as the Society’s Recording Secretary since 2014. Linda is Co-chair of the Refreshment Committee and Co-coordinator of the GDHS House Inventory Project. She and her husband, Ed Kramer, have “adopted” Kipptown Cemetery and are responsible for overseeing its ongoing restoration and maintenance. Linda transcribes interviews and oral histories for publication.

“I enjoy volunteering and working with other individuals who have the same love of local history.  — Linda Kramer


Bernadine Lennon

Bernadine Lennon resides in Greentown and has served as Board Treasurer since 2008. She is Chair of the Finance Committee, the Programs and Membership Committee, and serves as Co-Editor of the quarterly newsletter, Echoes from the Greene Hills. She is Coordinator of the GDHS Veteran’s History Project and the Community History Seminar. Bernadine has given presentations on local history, some of which can be seen on the Society’s YouTube channel. She is the author of books and articles on local history. 

“I enjoy discovering ‘old facts’ that have been forgotten over time and, through research and writing, increasing the community’s awareness of them. One example is the Burns & Cross Pottery, now under Lake Wallenpaupack—who knew we had a local pottery? If it wasn’t for a hawk flying past their window on November 29, 1880, the pottery’s history may have been lost forever!”  — Bernadine Lennon


Ellen Drake

Ellen Drake resides in Newfoundland and has served on the Board since 2012. She is Chair of the Public and Media Relations Committee and Coordinator of Children’s Programs, including annual field trips to the museum for third and fourth grade students at Wallenpaupack South Elementary School. Ellen is a presenter and reenactor for Grave Matters, the annual tour of historic cemeteries.

“As a retired American History teacher, my work with the Society is a perfect fit for me.  It has always been my goal to bring an appreciation of the rich history of Pennsylvania and its communities to those around me.” — Ellen Drake

William Dunn

Bill Dunn has been a resident of LaAnna for the past eleven years and was appointed to the Board of Directors in January 2021, where he serves on the Finance Committee and the Technology Committee. As a former member of the New Jersey Army National Guard for 21 years, Bill was appointed Service Officer for American Legion Post 859 in Newfoundland and is our liaison with that organization.

“I was initially drawn to the Historical Society by my good friend and neighbor George Stone. He was an inspiration for me and my family. My interests are the Greene-Dreher communities—this is the world that involves us and I intend to leave the best of me here. The Historical Society is the vehicle for me to make that happen.”   — Bill Dunn

Diane Smith

Diane Smith resides in Bethlehem and has served on the Board since 2010, where she also served as Secretary. She is Chair of the Publications Committee, Website Administrator, Chair of the Technology Committee, and Coordinator of “Stories From the Past,” the Society’s ongoing oral history project. As a member of the Collections Committee, she curates and manages the Society’s photographic and digital archives. Diane is the author of books and articles on local history.

“I enjoy learning about the people who made these beautiful mountains their home and sharing their stories with our members and the community.” — Diane Smith

Suzanne Urton

A Board member since 2019, Suzanne is Chair of the Collections Committee. She serves as the Society’s Museum Curator and is responsible for acquisitions and collections care and the cataloging of artifacts in the museum database. As a museum docent she has led tours and conducted workshops on dying wool with natural plants, wool spinning and weaving.

Valerie Wheeler

Valerie resides in Greene Township and has been a member of the Society since 2010. She has served on the Board since 2019. Valerie is Chair of the Refreshment Committee and a member of the Finance, Genealogy and Program Committees. She has led genealogy workshops and assisted with the documentation of historic cemeteries and churches. She has also authored articles on local history.

“My curiosity about the Society was first piqued when I became interested in genealogy and local cemeteries. Becoming a member provided me with an easy way to meet many wonderful people and to learn more about the interesting history of this beautiful area. I’d like to give a little back to the community by helping to preserve that history in whatever ways I am able.” — Valerie Wheeler