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Pine Grove Cemetery

Cemeteries are among our most valuable archaeological and historic resources. They are evidence of the early settlement patterns and economic development of the region. They reveal the social relationships and religious influences of those who lived here, and many times represent the only reminder of an influential person, family or group. Cemeteries are also one of our most fragile resources. Of the ten cemeteries within the boundaries of Greene and Dreher Townships, six are no longer active and do not have cemetery associations to provide perpetual care.

In 2009 the Greene-Dreher Historical Society implemented a Cemetery Preservation Program for five historic cemeteries—the Gilpin, Hazelton, Wolfe, Simonstown, and Kipptown Cemeteries. Only Simonstown Cemetery is still active with persons being interred there. The challenge of documenting, restoring and preserving these cemeteries is one of the most complicated endeavors the Historical Society has undertaken. Records were incomplete, vegetation and weather had damaged the markers, grounds had fallen into disarray, and, in most instances, regular maintenance had been neglected or abandoned altogether. Volunteers with the Society’s Adopt-a-Cemetery Program have “adopted” these five cemeteries and now care for the grounds on a regular basis. As resources permit, specialized work is being done to repair the grounds and remount and stabilize damaged stones. Please consider donating to the Society’s Cemetery Preservation Fund.

Of the five remaining cemeteries—Greentown, Old Moravian, Hopedale Moravian, Pine Grove and Albright-Bennett Cemeteries—only Old Moravian and Albright-Bennett are no longer active, and all have cemetery associations to care for the them. The Historical Society is in the process of researching and documenting all ten of the historic cemeteries and making the information available to the public. For a downloadable map and driving tour, click here. To read excerpts from the book, Historic Cemeteries of the Wallenpaupack Valley, and learn more about the cemeteries, visit the links below.

Albright-Bennett Cemetery
Gilpin Cemetery
Greentown Cemetery
Hazelton Cemetery
Hopedale Moravian Cemetery
Kipptown Cemetery
Old Moravian Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery
Simonstown Cemetery
Wolfe Cemetery

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