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Telling Our Stories

One of the most important goals of the Greene-Dreher Historical Society is to tell the stories of our community. To that end, we publish a triannual journal that features oral histories and first-person accounts, as well as carefully researched articles about our past. We host “Stories From the Past,” a series of talks given by long-time residents, and several times a year we present interesting and informative speakers on historical topics related to the region.

The GDHS Speakers Bureau is provided as a service to civic groups seeking program topics with a local history flavor. The Speakers Bureau is an opportunity for community historians to share what they have learned with people of all ages.

Resources for Young People

A sense of belonging is especially important for children and teenagers. Hearing stories about what life was like in the past helps bring generations together and strengthens family bonds. A knowledge about their family history gives young people a sense of their place in the world and a legacy to respect. Some ways we can help them connect with the past is by encouraging them to talk to older relatives and sharing local and family history through photographs. Activities to help children ages 8 to 10 understand more about their own family history can be found here.

Visiting historic sites and museums is another way to bring the past to life for children. At Peggy Bancroft Hall & Museum, we explore the details of children’s lives—What did they wear and eat? How did they learn in one-room schools? What kind of games did they play? What were their daily chores at home or on a farm? You and your family can visit the museum on Saturdays, June 2 through August 18, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, and during scheduled events. See our Events Calendar. You may also contact us to arrange a guided tour for your family or youth group.