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Bernadine Lennon on “Wally Life”


Connor Simon, photojournalist with BR13, interviewed Bernadine Lennon for a segment of Wallenpaupack Life, a daily show that airs on Blue Ridge Communications, TV13. The topic of the interview was the Flood of 1955 which devastated northeast Pennsylvania 65 years ago this August. Bernadine discussed the convergence of two meteorological events, back-to-back Hurricanes Connie and Diane, which led to unexpected rainfall amounts on the night of August 18 of up to 30 inches locally. Particularly hard hit was the Greene-Dreher area along Wallenpaupack Creek and its tributaries. Bernadine also discussed the long-term impact of the flood on the local area and the mitigation efforts that followed.

The segment is expected to air March 2 at 9:00 pm and every day thereafter at various times for the remainder of the month. It will also be added to their website (

More about the 1955 Flood can be found in the Historical Society’s commemorative publication, The Flood of 1955 Remembered, published in 2015. The book includes firsthand accounts of the flood as well as photographs and maps and can be purchased book here.