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Guest Speaker

Lake Paupac Club—Preserving a Wilderness

Caption on postcard: "View of Lake Paupack from The Inn, Pike Co., PA."

Lake Paupac Club hosted members and guests of the Historical Society at its historic lodge overlooking Lake Paupack on August 5. A guided tour of the lodge was followed by a presentation on the history of the club by Lili Cohen.

Philadelphia architect J. Franklin Meehan began visiting Lake Paupack in the 1880s and purchasing tracts of land around the lake beginning in 1905. He formed the Lake Paupack Hunting and Fishing Club and acquired the old Waltz Hotel overlooking the lake to operate as a hunting lodge and summer boardinghouse for club members. During the 1920s the property was sold to Joseph W. and Lucille Mott who built a summer cottage near the lake. The Mott’s renovated the old Waltz Hotel and adjacent farmhouse, merging the two buildings into one to create today’s Lake Paupac Lodge. The Club’s land management plan continues the vision of the Meehan and Mott families to preserve its 1000-acre tract of pristine wilderness for future generations.