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Historic Cemeteries of the Wallenpaupack Valley

by Ruth Altemier

Cemeteries are among our most valuable archaeological and historic resources. They are evidence of the early settlement patterns and economic development of the region. They reveal the social relationships and religious influences of those who lived here. They are an important resource for genealogical research, and many times represent the only reminder of an influential person, family or group. There are ten rural cemeteries within the boundaries of Greene and Dreher Townships, five in Greene—the Simonstown, Kipptown, Greentown, Hopedale Moravian, and Pine Grove Cemeteries, and five in Dreher—the Old Moravian, Gilpin, Hazelton, Albright-Bennett, and Wolfe Cemeteries. All are described here, with their histories, highlights of notable people who are buried there, descriptions of grave markers, examples of prose and verse inscriptions found on the gravestones, and explanations of tombstone art and symbols. Includes numerous photographs and detachable color map with directions for a self-guided driving tour. 2016. Softcover, 5½” × 8½”, 24 pages, $6.60.