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Veterans History Project


GDHS is documenting the military service of all veterans, whether they served in peacetime or wartime, who resided in Greene or Dreher Townships or attended school in Newfoundland. This information will serve as a record of our local veterans and may be used for scholarly and educational purposes.

Since the project’s inception in 2016, we have had tremendous support by our members and friends. Veterans and their family members and descendants have provided biographical information, personal items and photographs for over 400 men and women from our community who have served in the military.

To commemorate America’s participation in World War I from 1917 to 1919, we have been focused on identifying the local veterans who served during The Great War. To date we have gathered biographical information, military records, and memorabilia for 135 local veterans, and we anticipate publishing their stories in 2018.

The following is an excerpt from a letter written on November 27, 1918, by Private First Class Ralph Llewelyn Kerr, who was raised in Angels, Dreher Township. Private Kerr was assigned to the 108th Machine Gun Battalion, 28th “Keystone” Division, and served in France.

Then we went up in the Argonne Forest claimed to be the largest forest in the world and was in that whole drive which lasted about eighteen days. In this battle a number of us were surrounded in a big counter attack launched by the Germans and had to fight our way out in hand to hand fighting, and in about one hour after that we had them going so fast you could hardly see them from dust. From the Argonne Forest, we went to the Metz front, and it was at this place we were fighting when the armistice was signed. Take it from me when the eleventh hour came that morning it was a sight worthwhile seeing. Everything just as quiet and nice and it did not seem possible. In about five minutes you could see Germans and Americans in all directions.

To participate in the GDHS Veterans History Project, please complete a Veterans Data Form, available for downloading by clicking here, or contact the Project Coordinator, Bernadine Lennon, at or 570-857-0882.