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Review of “Greene-Dreher in the Great War” in Pennsylvania Magazine


The following review of Greene-Dreher in the Great War by Bernadine A. Lennon appeared in Pennsylvania Magazine in July 2020:

With the assistance of members of Greene Township, Pike County, and Dreher Township, Wayne County, the author has produced a comprehensive account of local men and women who volunteered or were drafted into service during World War I. The book was published to “immortalize our Greene-Dreher veterans” at the 100th anniversary of the U.S. involvement in the war. The account covers 142 service men and women who were either born, moved into or are buried in one of the townships. Because the United States only became involved in the last 20 months of the four-year war, not all of Greene-Dreher troops were sent overseas to see action. In fact, only seven died during the war. The main section of the book is devoted to lengthy bios of the veterans, including a photo and such details of each person as their birth, early years, military service and training, occupation, death and burial site. The book provides information about how the new service members were trained and the kinds of units or regiments they might be assigned to. Training usually took six months, and then a service member would be assigned specific duties as a soldier, sailor, nurse or medical specialist before being shipped to battle sites or rear-guard positions as appropriate. The book contains 350 photos, many maps and a complete index of the people featured in the book.

Readers will find just as much information about the major factors of American involvement in the war, as they will details about the 142 individuals. It would make a useful reference source in any community library.

To view Bernadine Lennon’s video presentation, “Greene-Dreher in the Great War,” please visit our YouTube channel: